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The Brand

" We believe Nature always creates the best beauty remedies. We want to give access to the exceptional benefits of one of them: pastel. After several years of research, we revealed the beauty secrets of this plant cultivated on an unveiles area in southwestern France. The ancient medicinal plant unveiled a noticeably high concentration of omega 3, 6, 9 and provides the skin with the essentiel to feel well. We refuse mineral oils, sulfates, parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicon and all ingredients originating from animals. We claim anti-ageing, antioxidant, anti-pollution, backed with tests and patents. For 15 years, our natural beauty remedies unveil the unique power of pastel, at core of ecological and biological formulas, made in France in accordance with a social and fair approach.

From the belief that a sincere, ecological and efficient cosmetic is possible was born GRAINE DE PASTEL."

Carole Garcia, Founder


A beauty remedy with proven dermatological properties

Pastel is an ancient medical plant which can be traced back to the Antiquity. Its scientific name, Isatis tinctoria, originates from the Greek word “isado” meaning “to heal”. Cultivated in the medicinal gardens of monasteries in the Middle Age and then registered in the French Pharmacopeia, pastel has long been known for its dermatologic properties, notably the healing functions.

15 years of primary research enable us to reveal the unique virtues of this nature’s treasure, to extract a virgin oil part of all our formulas.

Protective pastel oil

Moisturizes for more than 8 hours

Antioxidant pastel oil

High concentration of Vitamin E

Anti ageing pastel proteins

A +43% increase in collagen synthesis

From the plant to your skin

Our ethical and environmental commitment



Our pastel fields are cultivated nearby Toulouse, in their historic cradle. In the agricultural cooperative which we created, we made the choice of sustainable agriculture, as well as the fair price guarantee for our farmers.


Pastel seed

Protected by the Conservatoire National des Plantes Médicinales over the past centuries, our pastel seeds have been brought back to cultivation 25 years ago. Originated from an ancient diversity and never genetically modified, pastel seeds are grown in a preserved environment.


Pastel oil

After the blooming every 2 years, pastel seeds are picked and cold pressed in the south of Toulouse/ One tonne of raw seeds is required in order to obtain 40 litres of these rare and precious base materials.


Research and development

Our laboratory has been devoted to the dermatologic properties research of pastel since 2003. To this day, 4 patents have been registered. The efficiency of our active ingredients has been proved by clinical and in-vitro tests.



Following a strict formulation charter, our products are petrochimical derivatives free and based on 100% of natural active ingredients. In that case, we guarantee a perfect dermatological and ocular safety.


Social responsibility

We have achieved a concrete commitment: our short-circuit production stimulates the local suppliers and encourages the workers with disabilities. We prefer the recycled as well as recyclable packagings printed with vegetable ink.


Officine network

Out of the belief in a close and sincere cosmetics, our dermo-consultants would make you welcome in our OFFICINES GRAINE DE PASTEL, offering you a skin diagnosis, additional informations and customized guidance.

I find my officine.