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Combination Skin Routine

Reference: PACK003

• Regulates sebum production
• Purifies the epidermis
• Radiant, unified complexion
• Moisturizes and protects skin

Your T-zone gets oily and the rest of your face is pretty dry? Discover our specific routine to rebalance your epidermis and restore healthy skin.


The Cleansing Gel deeply eliminates all skin impurities and accumulated pollution while preventing the skin from drying out.

Its protective formula is enriched in pastel oil. It soothes and softens the skin. The Cleansing Gel is soap-free and sulfate-free. It respects skin balance, even for very sensitive skin.

It suits all skin types. Due to its jelly and sheer texture, the cleansing gel helps cleaning the skin gently.

The skin is immediately refreshed, clear and balanced. Day after day the skin regains its comfort and radiance for a fresh and glowing complexion.


The Purifying Toner removes skin impurities and regulates sebum production while preventing the skin from drying out. Its cleansing formula helps fight against imperfections while respecting the skin balance. The skin is purified and looks healthier. Blackheads are less visible and spots are reduced.This purifying toner is suitable for combination to oily skin. Its watery texture tones and revitalises the skin for an immediate feeling of freshness.

It also removes the limestone and mineral residues, so that the skin is clearer: pores are less visible ans the skin texture is refined.

99% ingredients of natural origin. Certified organic.


The Anti-Fatigue Cream hydrates and fights against the first signs of skin ageing. It is rich in Pastel Oil and provides the necessary antioxidants to protect the skin from daily agressions and free radicals. It tones the skin, blurs signs of tiredness and reduces fine lines. The Anti-Fatigue Cream is formulated for all skin types and its light texture melts on the epidermis for a rapid penetration.

The skin defense mechanism is reactivated : the skin texture is refined and facial features appear smoothed. Day by day, the skin regains its natural radiance and the complexion becomes luminous.

98% ingredients of natural origin. 



Clarifying Mask & Scrub purifies gently your skin and stimulates cells renewal at the same time. 
Its no-drying texture gives you two products in one: 
- as a scrub, the exfoliants helps peel off the impurities clogged in the pores and smooth your skin. 
- as a mask, the clay eliminates excess sebum as well as purifying the skin. 

The skin is visibly refined and it provides a fresh and luminous tone. From the first application, you can experience a bright purifying and matte skin.

99% ingredients of natural origin. Certified organic.




Protective pastel oil

Moisture and protective barrier effect:
More than 8 hours of moisturizing*

* In-vitro test on pure pastel oil

Bouquet botanique antioxydant

Botanical antioxidant bouquet

Nut oil, plum oil, cameline oil, milk thistle oil, natural vitamin E

Proven antioxidant activity*

* Botanical Shield Tubo Test

Bouquet botanique purifiant

Purifying botanical bouquet

White clay, mineral silica, prune kernel particles

Gentle exfoliation with trace elements

Eau thermale

Thermal water

28% increase in soothing effect*

* In vitro test on thermal water La Renaissance


Regulates sebum and limits bacterial growth:
-22ug/cm2 sebum rate*

* In vivo test on Zincidone complex and proven anti-bacterial activity.

Bouquet botanique anti-âge

Botanical bouquet against imperfections

92% inhibition of the molecule PGF2a, precursor of inflammation

* Raspberry and blackcurrant plant extracts Test in tubo

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